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This is where you will find the random musings of a middle-aged gay man. These musings could be about porn, gay rights, gay culture, gay sex, men, movies, beer, wine, and sometimes updates of my sexcapades.

I make Reality Gay Porn Videos aka. Quality Jackage Material.
My website and this blog contains nude and sexually explicit material about men engaging in masterbation and homosexual sexual acts.
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22 Responses to Welcome to Daddy Ken’s Blog

  1. alejandro says:

    you are a trekkie you have never done a video with the trekkie dress having sex with another cosplay if you cheer up here a fan of yours in chile would be encouraged

  2. Brian Manly says:

    Hi Daddy Ken,
    just joined and what a feast for a pig boy like me to see. Though you are perfect for your type of man, I want to make a suggestion, ok I’m begging on my little pig boy knees. Please can we have a few moments longer with your clothes on? and especially underpants . Your butt is mind-blowing to a stoner boy like me when its cupped in a nice pair of briefs. It is so rare to find one like you, you are a nice sleazy dominant alpha male, a true dad. But you know that already! A boy in my mental condition should stop typing now and go back to masturbating , looking at you plow another fucktard and imagine its me.

  3. Dre Bell says:

    I would love for you to come to Cleveland and be the first to break in this ass.

  4. Daddyboi says:

    Hi Daddyken,

    Just stumbled on your blog and videos. Wanted to know if you guys are still making videos. I really enjoyed your videos and hopefull will see you in my region.

    I am from singapore and hope to see more of your videos.

  5. Keithodove says:

    Hi everyone. I’m new here, just wanted to introduce myself.

  6. Chris says:

    Hello Mr.ken, please forgive the formal tone, it’s not related to your age nor is it the respect I was taugh to show adults as a child I say it because the you are a Real man,sexually speaking and I’m really turned on by you. The reason I’m writing this is to say thank you, for sharing your sexual engagements with people like me who can’t afford to purchase such genuine j/o material. For years,you’ve fulfilled my gratification needs and I’ve never given anything back.I’ m a wussy and a privacy freak about my masturbation and my sexual life. Just being honest.Giving freely of ourselves to others, when possible is a behavior that helps balance out Internet commercialism.

  7. Ponto says:

    I’m not really a fan of your videos. I prefer men my own age or thereabout fucking, not young and old, daddy and twink.

    Your advice to bottoms about looking after their hole and prostates is good. You are very down to earth. By the way the dick advice was good, pointing downwards or upwards. Neither thought about it before, but I point downwards, my partner reckons it is because my penis weighs like a lead pipe.

    You used root to mean fuck. That is very Australian, Australian English usage. Very odd for a Yank.

  8. Sean says:

    I’m in your area DaddyKen, is there a way to meet you?

  9. cuddlyJosh says:

    hey daddy ken ‚ô°
    i finally found this site.
    you’re HOTter than any other mature guys in porn video.

    luv your fucking scene and your voice.

    please always be here, i’ll keep wankin with dreaming of being fucked by you!!

    josh xxx
    luv from australia

  10. Irishsocks says:

    Daddy fucks a Brit Virgin – How fuckin’ horny to pop your cherry that way with an expert like DaddyKen and socks on too

    Thanks Daddy Ken!

  11. Irishsocks says:

    Daddy Ken Fucks A Bi St. Louis Sub
    Great to see DaddyKen back in his socks….so blokish

  12. Irishsocks says:

    Loving the work – When are we gonna see more with Daddy Ken’s socks left on?

  13. Jose says:

    I love your work. Any chance of you posting more videos of you breeding guys?

  14. Dick Hamilton says:

    I love your website Ken!

  15. Dick Hamilton says:

    I ABSOLUTELY love your site Ken. You’re so handsome and I love all of your warm friendly information and advice. Very nice indeed.

  16. David says:

    I would love to be in one of your films

  17. lovedad says:

    iwould like be ducked by daddy ken…what i have todo??? i want suck his dick…

  18. Solomon says:

    Please do let me know if you’ve any plan/s to visit Pakistan in the near future.

  19. yacine says:

    hi i am from arabic i have 34 years old my dream is to meet u in vedeo

  20. mature99 says:

    Daddy Ken,

    A real pleasure to find your site recently. There was a clip of one of your videos which I found on dadsboyfriends. Because you left your copyright address I found your site and subscribed. Glad I did for these simple reasons:
    subscription is really generous to user who subscribe for the first time and its for a year!
    You are the star attraction if I may say so. Attractive physically and showing you have a good sense of humour in all your vids.
    Your library of vids is quite extensive considering you started this venture only two years ago. They are all well made and interesting and no doubt a lot of folks, myself included, get a lot of pleasure viewing them.

    I hope you consider the writer a supporter and a distant frined. Bestwishes for this time of the year and a prosperous New Year.

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